Investing help

Time for a disclaimer.  Our views on investing are not from the point of view of a investing guru or genius.   Just from someone who has learned investing skills freely from the web and other places.   We don’t make any lofty claims about our performance and you want get any information which has been distorted due to underlying vested interests.

What do I mean by vested interests?

Those of financial advisers and the advise they offer.

The media and financial services industry.

What readers will get is answers to the questions that normal working folk might want to ask themselves.   Such as, what am I doing about my pension, I don’t want to pay massive fees to financial advisers via hidden commissions so how can I make my investing decisions myself and how do I decide where to invest.

Follow the ups and downs of the investing decisions that we are taking right now.

Where did I get the inspiration from for writing about investing?

From reading magazines, books, and online forums.  I will gladly share these resources with you because I am grateful for the information they have given me over the years.  I subscribe to Moneyweek magazine which gives me in depth analysis of whats happening in the world of investing right now.  The online forum at the Motley Fool has given me lots of information about personal finance decisions.

Knowledge is power…