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Let’s Compare Bets gateway to trading and investing information. Learn how to trade sports bets and financial markets, or invest in financial markets and antepost betting markets. This section of Let’s Compare Bets is a sub section of our main website, Let’s Compare Bets.  Let’s face it, many things in life are a gamble, trading and investing are quite similar.  The outcome is unknown, but, Let’s Compare Bets aims to educate and provide visitors with the information needed to get closer to trading and investing goals.  Remember to bookmark Let’s Compare Bets or add us to favourites (ctrl D) so that you can find us again.


Trading what? Lot’s of things can be traded from, goats… if you are in the mountains of the middle east to financial assets.  Stocks, shares and commodities can be traded by normal people or people on the trading floor working in a high stress trading environment.  After the invention of the betting exchange even betting odds can be traded.  One in ten people trading online make massive profits.  Slightly more make small returns and the rest loss money.   This section investigates the types of trading and methods to make the path to successful trading easier whether it’s bet trading or financial trading. Better yet, join Let’s Compare Bets and get a free Betfair training document to get started on Betfair. Look right!


Investing is more long term than trading and favours a slower but more relaxed route to financial independence.  Investing  is more capital intensive but can be more rewarding in the long run.  Get investing help from someone making investing decisions right now. This section investigates investing techniques, publishes stock tips and has our very own portfolio.  Please note these to not constitute financial advice and should not be relied upon as information too sway how individual should invest their money.  Do your own research at all times.

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The spectre of inflation is creeping up on us

Deciding where to place financial bets on company sectors, mega trends, individual companies, and collective investments like investment trusts are effected by macro economic factors.  This post is intended to tackle the concept of inflation and how it's going to...

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When will interest rates go up?

When will interest rates go up?

Interest rates are the main tool of central bank monetary policy. Whether interest rates are increasing or decreasing affects many aspects of our lives.  What does the future hold for central bank interest rates?  For lay people it's any ones guess.  For people who...

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Software reviewed.

betting software review Essential Betfair software for trading reviewed by our team. One click trading.